Orlando Florida Hurricanes

Florida has a slight downside along with all of the Carribean and that is Hurricanes, I suppose it is a price that has to be paid for having such a wonderful climate. I have been visiting Florida now for 16 years, I have always been there in September and sometimes as late as January. The official Hurricane season is April till the end of November. Most years Florida is not affected by them the worst year of recent times was in 2004 when they had 4 hurricanes. This has never happened in history, the worst time was back in the early 1900's when 3 hit the state. Most of the time they only effect the coastal areas but in 2004 3 actually crossed over Central Florida and Orlando. Landfall normally slows them down and by the time they got to Orlando they we not as strong as they were at the coast. Two of the hurricanes were fast moving and didn't really do much damage bit one of them was a slow mover and took nearly 24 hours to cross the state, this was the one that did so much damage.

The odds are you are unlikely to be bothered by them and if there is one, you will get plenty of notice. They are very well prepared for things like this over there. I have been there when one is coming ashore and all we got in Orlando was some strong winds and lots of rain. So don't worry about it and let it stop you from visiting Florida.

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